PrivacySwap 2.0
PRV 2.0 English


We officially deployed our Timelock for our MasterChef. You may refer to the deployment here and the Timelock Smart Contract Address is here. Feel free to scrutinize our code to see that Timelock owns
What this means for you is:
  • We won't be able to invoke any changes to MasterChef parameters without first waiting 6 hours.
  • Transaction for any change in MasterChef parameters will be publicly viewable on BscScan. You may set alerts for any transactions made on MasterChef via Timelock.
The Timelock is the last missing cog in the system of keeping your assets safe from any possible misuse by us or even rug pulls. We hope you can rest easy knowing that we are serious in our commitment to PrivacySwap and our vision of perpetuating privacy as a standard.
Not forgetting that we have also already deployed our Timelock for the initial LPs. The transaction is <<pending>> and the LP Timelock Smart Contract Address is <<pending>>.