Calculating How Many Tokens Your LPs are Worth

Many people ask about how to find out the value of their LP tokens. Here we will try to provide that info for you. A little technical, but pretty easy once you understand how it works.

LP tokens are representations of your share of the total liquidity pool that you guy after providing liquidity of two tokens For example, in the PRV2-BNB liquidity pool, you need to add using PRV and BNB. In other words, in order to find out how much your tokens are worth, you just need a few variables.

  • The number of LP tokens you have for the specific pool you are calculating for.

  • The total number of LP tokens in circulation.

  • The current amount and price of tokens in the pool.

With these three variables, you can calculate the value of your LP tokens. Let us show you how.

Step 1: Find out the amount of LP tokens you have. If you're staked in farms, head to the farm you're staked in and take a look.

Step 2: Find out the total amount of LP tokens in circulation. You do this by selecting "Details" and then "View on BscScan". Look for "Total Supply" in the page that opens on BscScan.

Although LP tokens ALL bear the same name "Cake-LP", different LPs have different LP contract addresses. This means that the PRV2-BUSD LP token will be called Cake-LP, and so will the PRV2-BNB LP token. But they are NOT the same LP, and the "Total Supply" for PRV2-BUSD LP and PRV2-BNB LP will differ. So make sure you are looking at the "Total Supply" of the right LP. (How to check comes in the later steps!)

Step 3: Take the amount of LP tokens you have staked found in Step 1, and divide it by the "Total Supply" in Step 2, and you get your share of the LP. In this case,

YourLPRatio=771.788/52,582.617314=0.0146776261704743Your LP Ratio = 771.788 / 52,582.617314 = 0.0146776261704743

Which also means that you own 1.4677% of the LP's assets.

Step 4: Select "Contract" to be taken to the smart contract's page to be taken to the contract's page.

Step 5: On the contract's page, you will see a dropdown that displays all the current assets within this contract address.

This dropdown clearly shows that the assets in this pool are BUSD and PRV. Which means that this is the PRV-BUSD LP. You can repeat the above steps for other LPs and found out exactly how much assets are in each of these LPs.

This pool has 247,612.09520648 BUSD and 11,177.07254118 PRV.

Step 6: Calculating what your LPs are worth is simply using your LP Ratio obtained in Step 3, and multiplying it by each of the assets in Step 5.

ValueofCurrentHoldings=YourLPRatioāˆ—AmountofAssetsValue of Current Holdings = Your LP Ratio * Amount of Assets

In the example above.

ValueofBUSDHoldings=0.0146776261704743āˆ—247,612.09520648=3,634.357768728605BUSDValue of BUSDHoldings = 0.0146776261704743*247,612.09520648 = 3,634.357768728605 BUSD
ValueofPRVHoldings=0.0146776261704743āˆ—11,177.07254118=164.0528924397133PRVValue of PRVHoldings = 0.0146776261704743*11,177.07254118 = 164.0528924397133 PRV

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