PrivacySwap 2.0
Emergency Withdrawal
In the unlikely event that PrivacySwap's site is taken down and you wish you withdraw your funds, fret not. BscScan provides you a method in which to conduct an emergency withdrawal.
Use this as a last resort. Your funds are safe as there is no migrator function or any function to remotely remove your funds from LPs. As you won't be able to access the web, you will need to know how to withdraw your funds directly from the MasterChef smart contract. Learn how here. The emergency withdrawal is executed via the MasterChef smart contract. We are not responsible for any losses that arise from misuse of the emergencyWithdrawal. Also note that emergencyWithdrawal forfeits ANY pending rewards you may have. You will only get back what you have put in.
Last modified 10d ago
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