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Hack the Vault (launched in August 2021)

A game against time, keys, and other players

Play the game here! πŸ‘‡

🏧 Story of the Vaults

There is a prized vault protected by a biometric system that has a vulnerability coupled with a traditional lock and key system in place. Being hackers, the biometric system is a cakewalk. But the missing component is the key which you can purchase over the dark web.
To make things interesting, the key comes from a stash of random keys which means that you may need to buy more than one key. Of course, there are other hackers who know of this vulnerable vault and this is the race against time to obtain the correct key and successfully hack the vaults and lay claim to its riches within!

πŸ—οΈ How to Play

The aim of Hack the Vaults is to be one of the last three people who purchased the correct key to the vault when the timer runs out. Each round can only start when there is a minimum of 10 PRV in the Prize Pot.

πŸ‘Œ Game Rules

    Each key costs 1 PRV. You may purchase as many keys as you'd like over the course of the round.
    Each key purchase extends the timer by a minimum of 50 seconds to a maximum of 200 seconds. The extension is randomly generated by the smart contract every time a key is purchased by ANYONE.
    Note that you may not buy concurrent keys. You can only buy again after someone else has purchased a key.
Important note: All key purchases are final! There is absolutely no way in which we can refund you for any keys purchased.
The first prize pot winners during the official launch on 13th August!

πŸ€‘ Winning Distribution

When the countdown timer ends, the Prize Pot will be distributed as follows:
40% of the Prize Pot
Goes to the last person who bought the key
15% of the Prize Pot
Goes to the 2nd last person who bought the key
5% of the Prize Pot
Goes to the 3rd last person who bought the key
25% of the Prize Pot
Goes to the next Prize Pot
10% of the Prize Pot
Is sent to burn
5% of the Prize Pot
Is sent to the developer
Take note that for each of the winners, they will receive 30% of their winnings immediately after the round ends. The remaining 70% will be claimable via this page over the course of 7 days at 10% per day. This mechanic is included in order to protect PRV users against massive dumps after each round of Hack the Vaults.
Note: Anyone can click on the claim button but the winning share will go to the last bidder.
Do you what it takes to Hack the Vault? Play now!
P.S. May the keys be ever in your favor πŸ—οΈπŸ—οΈπŸ—οΈ
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