PrivacyCard (Nov 2021)
PrivacyCards is PrivacySwap's answer to the debit card system. This will allow users to utilize their PRV2 for things other than just staking and earning rewards.
We heard our community! We have lowered the initial stake required
What is the point of accumulating tokens, when it cannot translate to usage? PrivacyCard is the intended bridge from crypto to fiat for all our users. With privacy as its core, PrivacyCard will be the solution for users to be able to spend their PRV anywhere and everywhere. All while maintaining their privacy.
The team is excited to share that the card's launch period, initially slated for end of the year to early next year, will now have an updated ETA of September 2021.
If you're keen to be an early adopter of the PrivacyCard, sign up here to show your interest.
Watch how some of the team members test-drove the card in actual transactions!
*Update (Aug 2021): We recently closed our Early Access Raffle for a limited number of PrivacyCards! Winners don't need to stake PRV in order to get their hands on the card.

How it works

    The PrivacyCard holder must stake a certain amount of PRVG into a smart contract. Note that this amount will not be loaded into the debit card.
    Instead, the smart contract will lock the staked funds for 6 months. None of it will be spent; it will be returned to you after 6 months.
    This 6-month staking is your way of "buying" the card.
    The card can be loaded with PRV2 tokens, and will also work for other stable coins such as USDT/BUSD/BNB/ETH/BTC.
Take note that like all other cards, there will be certain fees for the PrivacyCard. The team will be burning these PRV2 fees to decrease the supply of PRV2, hence increasing the utility and of course the overall viability of PRV2 in general.
Specific details on fees and burn process will be provided closer to the launch.
The mobile app for the debit cards will be developed and launched once we have enough cardholders.
Sounds exciting, right? So go ahead and download the brochure, have a look at the features under each card, and head on to this page once you're ready to sign up to show your interest!
P.S. We recently held an Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session over at Telegram! Download the file below to check out the answers to some of the questions our community had about the PrivacyCards. (Update as of October 2021: Some parts of the Telegram AMA may no longer be valid).
PrivacySwap AMA 22June2021.pdf
Q&A about the PrivacyCards etc.
Coin-based cards layered with privacy (artist's rendition)
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