The world's first debit card to connect web3 wallets like Metamask. The PrivacyCard will allow users to utilize their crypto for things other than just staking and earning rewards.

Updated Staking amount as of November 2021

Premium Black - from 500 USD down to 200 USD (worth of PRVG)

Black Metal - from 5000 USD down to 1000 USD (worth of PRVG)

Silver Metal - from 10,000 USD down to 1000 USD (worth of PRVG)

Gold Metal - from 15,000 USD down to 2000 USD (worth of PRVG)

Get your PrivacyCard here: https://cards.privacyswap.finance/

Do you want to use your crypto as real money instantly? PrivacyCard will help you with that.

PrivacyCard will serve as the bridge from crypto to fiat for all our users. With privacy as its core, PrivacyCard will be the solution for users to be able to spend their PRV anywhere and everywhere. All while maintaining their privacy.

How it works

  1. The PrivacyCard holder must stake a certain amount of PRVG into a CARD Pool. Note that this amount will not be loaded into the debit card.

  2. Instead, the smart contract will lock the staked funds for 6 months. None of it will be spent; it will be returned to you after 6 months.

  3. This 6-month staking is the pre-requisite to be eligible to obtain a PrivacyCard card.

  4. Digital assets accepted at launch will be the BEP20 tokens like BTCB, ETH, BNB, USDT, BUSD, USDC, CAKE, XVS, ALPACA, EPS, MDX, AUTO, MBOX, and more to come.

  5. PrivacyCard will also feature referral rewards. 10 USD will be given as a one-time referral to refer someone to stake and buy the Black Premium card. On the other hand, successfully referring someone to stake and buy any metal card will reward you with 50 USD.

Note that all cards will have certain fees for the PrivacyCard.

PrivacyCard Referral System

PrivacyCard will also feature a referral system for a better and much more engaging ecosystem. Referring someone to buy and stake on the black premium card will grant you USD 10 as a referral reward. In addition, you will receive USD 50 for referring someone to use and stake on the metal series cards.

PrivacyCard Partnerships

We are always on the lookout for projects and individuals who would like to partner with us in expanding the reach and potential of PrivacyCard. For those who are keen, email us at [email protected].

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