As cyber security professionals, we are smart contract auditors ourselves, but it is always good to have 3rd party auditing us.

  • Paladin (Token Presale Final Report)

Attached documents are our PRV2 + PRVG tokens as well as PRESALE smart contract audits by Paladin. Take a very good look at the report as it will outline for you all risks pertaining to our smart contracts. There ARE some high-risk issues we have acknowledged with Paladin, so please make sure you read up!

That being said, we have also included our rationale for being unable to solve some of the high-risk issues, and we hope you understand that if there were any good way to solve said issues, we WILL undertake them, but some of these can and will be solved only after launch - be it with timelock and/or renouncing certain addresses.

Please do ask your questions and address any concerns you may have! We are here listening to you and gearing up for our first steps into our migration to PRV2!

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