Our Roadmap
We are Cybersecurity Professionals, building a vibrant and sustainable yield farming community through privacy and utility-centric solutions, such as the PrivacyCard and PrivacyMixer.
We created this project with a long-term roadmap in mind, and an objective to help bring privacy to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) by cybersecurity professionals.

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β›” No PreSale

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βœ… Fair Launch on Pancakeswap


Products and Protocols

    AMM decentralized exchange
    Added PRV-LP farms: currently at 9 PrivacyFarms
    Added asset farms: currently at 4 PrivacyPools
    Yield Farming Aggregator: to launch on 30th May 2021
    Yield Optimizer (PrivacyYield): to launch on 30th May 2021
    Single Asset Vaults (eg. BNB, BTC, Ether, BUSD)
    Referral system (take 1% of yield farming forever)
    Crypto Loans
    Synthetic US Stocks (Apple, Google, Tesla, Amazon)
    Privacy DEX (Decentralised Exchange)
    AMM analytics
    Binary options
    Fixed-rate swap

PrivacySwap Core Features

    Privacy Binance Smart Chain Token Mixer: projected launch on 30th August 2021
    Privacy Crypto Debit Cards: projected launch in 9 months -​
      PrivacyCards Early Access Raffle
    PrivacyMixer: to launch after PrivacyCards, projected ETA in early 2022
    HackerNet - Escrow system to hire Whitehat Hackers/Smart contract auditors/Bug bounty: projected launch in 2022

Other Exclusive Features

Detailed Summary

    Q2 2021 – PrivacySwap launches with liquidity pools (PrivacyFarms) and asset farms (PrivacyPools) for users to stake, earn, and provide the necessary community and awareness to move forward. We believe in first serving the blockchain and DeFi space as it presents the biggest opportunity where everyone has an equal chance to contribute, earn, and support. Initial PrivacyFarms to be supported are PRV-BNB, PRV-BUSD, CAKE-BNB, ETH-SUSHI, XVS-BNB. Initial PrivacyPools will be PRV.
    Q2 2021 - Building of the PrivacyYield, a multi-chain yield optimizer. This serves to enable users to earn beyond PRV. By utilizing their PRV, they will be entitled a share of the fees of the yield optimized vaults. These vaults differ greatly from PrivacyFarms and PrivacyPools as they will deploy strategies and auto-compounding features that will greatly increase yield for users. The downside is that in the short run, fees are high as the fees for strategies and auto-compounding are greater at the start. However, these will smooth out and yield better results the longer the assets are compounded for.
    Q2 2021 – PrivacySwap will be studying and exploring the merits of several popular chains for development of a privacy protocol for swaps and exchanges. Chains that are currently being studied are the Binance Smart Chain (which PrivacySwap is initially launched on), the Polkadot chain, the possibility of Ethereum Layer-2 privacy centric solutions as well as the Solana chain just to name a few. The development of its very own Privacy-centric chain is a huge possibility as well.
    Q2 2021 – During this period, PrivacySwap will also be on the lookout for new and exciting projects to support and work together with, launching a PrivacyPool to further allow staking of PRV to support other projects that will value-add to the ecosystem.
    Q2 2021 - Development and testing of a transaction mixer, PrivacySafe. One of blockchain and crypto’s biggest goals was privacy. As blockchain has matured through the years, privacy has been put on a back burner. PrivacySafe will be the product of years of experience in the cybersecurity field along with the utilisation of blockchain technology.
    Q3 2021 – PrivacySwap, in line with helping users adopt cryptocurrency while also being able to maintain their privacy, will launch its privacy-centric debit cards, which will be available via a third party, fully standalone card provider which will allow the spending of PRV anywhere that accepts debit/credit cards.
    Q3 2021 – Burning of all initial liquidity PRV. In order to support the tokenomics of PRV, yet requiring an initial mint of PRV to provide initial liquidity.
    Q3 2021 - Testing of PrivacySafe will begin and launch within this quarter.
    Q1 2022 – The decision on which chain to further build PrivacySwap on will be decided and voted on by the community. This will prepare everyone for the next stage which is a migration of not only users, but also existing functionalities (Swaps, Farms, Pools, etc). The process will require at least two quarters to make a full seamless migration - bug tested and problem free.
    Q2 2022 – PrivacySwap will prepare the handing over of the PrivacySwap governance to the community. Being community-led will enhance the cohesive betterment of the ecosystem.
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