PrivacySwap Token (PRV)
Check out the details below to understand more about PrivacySwap tokens.
PrivacySwap tokens bear the PRV ticker on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It complies with the BEP20 standard. PRV has a fixed circulation, in order to ensure that there will not be a case of hyperinflation caused by an ever growing supply. On that same note, PRV tokens will still benefit from deflationary measures which will be outline in a later section.
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
PRV Smart Contract Address: 0x7762A14082Ab475C06D3868B385E46aE27017231​
Max Cap: 30,000,000 PRV
Initial Supply: 30,000 PRV
Distribution per Block: 0.1 PRV
Dev Team Allocation per Block: 0.01 PRV
Liquidity Lock: 6 months​

Deflationary Measures

3.5% deposit fees on non-native farms are utilized for buy-backs of PRV to burn. Buyback is conducted manually in part or in whole. Remaining fees earned will be utilized to further development and marketing of PrivacySwap.
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