Swapping for PRV
Start here if you are unsure as to how to swap for tokens which will then be used either for PrivacyFarm or PrivacyPools or any of our other upcoming features.

How Do I Swap?

Video on how to swap is available on our YouTube channel, video is titled "PrivacySwap - How to Swap for PRV" or you may wish to proceed with a text based guide below.


    ​BNB or BUSD​
    PRV Token Smart Contract Address: 0x7762a14082ab475c06d3868b385e46ae27017231

Swapping for PRV

Please take note. As of 23 April 2021, The below screens utilizes PrivacySwap's exchange page. We are currently experiencing issues with our exchange page after PancakeSwap upgraded to V2, and we are in the process of fixing them. So we have taken PrivacySwap's exchange pages offline and redirected them to PancakeSwap's Swap and Liquidity pages. You may use PancakeSwap to swap for PRV with no issues following the same steps below. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Step 1: Head Over to Trade -> Exchange and Connect Wallet

Step 2: Select "MetaMask".

Step 3: "Select Currency" allows you to add the token you wish to swap for.

Step 4: Enter the PRV Contract Address in the "Select a token" field. The contract address is 0x7762a14082ab475c06d3868b385e46ae27017231

Step 5: Once PRV has been added, you may choose to swap by entering how much BNB you wish to swap or how much PRV you wish to get. The exchange rate is automatically calculated by the liquidity pool. After you are satisfied with the amount, hit "Swap" to proceed.

Step 6: Take a look at the confirmation page. It tells you the price, the amount you will minimally receive (due to slippage), price impact (how much your trade affects the price) and the fees paid to the LPs. "Confirm Swap" once you are satisfied.

Step 7: Confirm the transaction in MetaMask by hitting the "Confirm" button. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed on BscScan, your swap is complete.

Congratulations! You have swapped for PRV, and now own PRV!
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