PrivacySwap's principal offering. The purpose is to provide our dear users a sustainable and consistent way to earn on your assets. We have optimized our vaults for maximum earnings.
Yield Optimization, under which principle our PrivacyVaults operates, uses an Auto Compounding process to optimize yield. The assets will automatically be staked into a 'vault' and will be protected by smart contracts.
For PrivacyVaults, we have included vaults from Goose as well as a plethora from ApeSwap.
πŸ’Έ While you were sleeping...

πŸ’ͺ Why stake at PrivacyVaults? They compound for you.

If you've made it to Farms, congratulations! But do you know that Farms are just the beginning of your quest to high yield? They do not take into account the effect of compounding. Vaults, on the other hand, compound FOR YOU. Optimizing compound rates can get intensive on gas (which really depends on the number of vaults and number of compounds in any given period). It only makes sense that you would want to compound larger sums for maximum gain.
The answer: PrivacyVaults. Louder please!
Despite what the term 'Vault' implies, your assets are never locked in a vault on PrivacySwap. This means funds can be withdrawn at any time.

❓ How does PrivacyVaults work? We do the heavy-lifting.

First, you get LPs from either PancakeSwap (which is currently for every vault except ApeSwap vaults) or ApeSwap vaults for ApeSwap pools by adding liquidity (similar to farms).
After getting LPs for the vaults you wish to start earning in, you stake them in the vaults, and our smart contracts do all the heavy lifting! Pending rewards, when harvested, will be converted to the counter token, and more LPs are formed by the smart contract using those rewards. Then, they are compounded, increasing your APY! 100 percent awesome!
Yields will be based on the following instances:
    All vaults will be harvested and their respective rewards compounded back into the LP. Done via smart contract, the rewards are automatically split, the countertoken is obtained, and the LP is made before compounding that LP. It should be noted that PrivacyVault will also take a total of 10% of the profits as a performance fee.
    Each time a caller calls for the 'harvest' function, 0.5% of the profit will be given as incentive for paying the gas to harvest and compound that farm.
    Additionally, 0.5% of the profits will also be given to the strategist who drafted the strategy for that particular vault.
    The PrivacySwap treasury will also receive 3% of the profits to perform buybacks of PRV and burning for deflationary purposes.
    Developers, on the other hand, receive 1% of the profits to further fund development as well as upkeep of PrivacySwap's ecosystem.
    Finally, 5% of the profits are taken and distributed to PRV vault stakers. This is to reward our PRV holders.
Please note that at the moment, the Strategists, Treasury, Developers, and Callers are all part of the PrivacySwap team. Nonetheless, be assured that security and safety remain PrivacySwap's utmost priority. In the future, when vaults are stable and our governance is up and running, PRV holders can vote to create new strategies, or even relocate the performance fee and its allocations.
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🀷 What in the world is APY? APY is simply APR, compounded.

The annual percentage yield (APY) is the actual rate of return on an investment after factoring in the effect of compounding profits. Using this language, the yield farm would be compounding your revenue for you.
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is a more appropriate phrase to use, as it refers to the yearly rate earned on an investment. By definition, your 100% yield farm would double your initial investment by the end of the first year without reinvesting any returns. APY is simply APR, compounded.
Are you still with us? Great! Moving on.
Typical investments do not pay off annually but rather in smaller increments (i.e., daily, monthly, etc.) and in the case of yield farms, every single block Returns are given out on a per-block basis in yield farming. With an average of 28,800 blocks per day and low transaction costs, you may expect a substantial amount of compounding or exponential increase in your return. Let's have a look at how to achieve that.
The kind of Math conversation we are keen to have

πŸ” So what makes Yield Optimizer a step ahead of PrivacySwap's traditional farming?

    To maximize your returns, you will no longer need to manually restake your returns or Liquidity tokens in the vaults and pay the necessary gas fees. Everything is done automatically for you. That's one task off your to-do list.
    Farms do not automatically compound, and the user must manually harvest them to compound them (spell laborious!). However, PrivacySwap's Yield Optimizer incentivizes users to execute the Harvest function by apportioning part of the rewards to the Harvester. The remaining Harvested amount is then automatically compounded by the smart contract.
Furthermore, users holding native PRV tokens by staking them in the native PRV Single Asset Vault will be rewarded with a portion of the other Vaults' rewards as well - in an effort to incentivize and reward holders of PrivacySwap's native PRV tokens.

πŸ‘€ Saving the best question for last: Is it safe?

We pick vaults not only based on APY, but also the track record of the platform they are from. As far as PrivacySwap is concerned, none of your assets go into our wallets. Nada. Zilch. Instead, they are managed by smart contracts which source code is publicly verifiable.
Finally, we urge you to do proper due diligence before acting on anything. For instance, you may see that an anti-rugpull community has already reviewed them here. Search for the platform, and you will see if there are any warnings.
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